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You have a legal claim for either personal injury or a business loss. Your claim is an asset. It has a potential financial value that Lance Capital Group LLC will invest in to maximize your success or simply bridge you over while waiting for a settlement.

We win, only when you win.  Our experienced team will work with you or your company to evaluate your claim and provide you with a non-recourse loan based on the assessed value of your case or settlement. A non-recourse loan means that you do not repay the funding unless you win a settlement. We are true risk takers and our interests are aligned with you – to win.

Passive Investors. We are passive investors in your personal injury or business claim. This means Lance does not interfere with the strategy of you and your attorney. We simply invest in the outcome of your case but you and your lawyer make all decisions about the case.

Funding Options. The earlier you contact us the more funding options you may have. We like to work with you from the beginning to the end. Sometimes you request secondary funding and working with you from the beginning may allow us to provide extra funding to you.

A Pioneer in  Litigation Funding. Lance is a pioneer in lawsuit funding. Lance was founded by a nationally recognized trial lawyer who knows how litigation works, the delays and un-level playing field against better financed defendants. We like to assist you to equal the playing field to provide non-recourse funding to bridge you over while waiting for your settlement or other expenses. Defendants have the resources to wait it out, wear you down and force a low settlement on you. NOT ANYMORE. LANCE LEVELS THE PLAYING FIELD.

Hedging your Risk. Many plaintiffs use our non-recourse loans as a hedge against the risk of their case. That is, we invest into your case and you sell us part of the potential future settlement now, today. If, however, through the vagaries of the court, there is no settlement then you repay nothing.

Fast Funding Decision. Lance provides most pre-settlement non-recourse funding in most cases within 48-72 hours. We are in-house funders with decades of experience in evaluating cases. This allows our expert team to discuss your case with you and provide funding quickly after receiving supporting documentation.

They range from motor vehicle accidents, dangerous products and medical malpractice to mass tort cases, just to name a few. If you don’t see your particular case, then give us a call.

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