I. What is a Lawsuit Loan?

Lawsuit Funding companies provide risk free, non-recourse loans to people who have pending lawsuits and are represented by lawyers. The term, “non-recourse” loan means that the loan is not repaid unless the plaintiff wins a favorable settlement. In fact, it is not a loan, but rather an investment into your case that is repaid only if there is a settlement in your favor. This is why non-recourse loans provided to plaintiffs are called “risk free.” If you lose your case Lance Lawsuit Funding looses our loan.

The first question is whether a lawsuit loan is right for you. If you need money to help with personal debts, payoff higher interest rate credit card debt, medical bills or to help you bridge the gap of time until your case settles, you should consider the benefits of a lawsuit loan. In applying for a lawsuit loan your credit history is not taken into consideration. Your application is based on the merits of your lawsuit. So if you are out of work, in debt, need money to pay bills or to bridge the gap until you case settles, then a lawsuit loan may be right for you.

Another benefit of a lawsuit loan is your ability to hedge against the litigation risk of your case. What does it mean to hedge against the litigation risks of your case with a lawsuit loan?

Simply this. Litigation has unforeseen risks. There are incalculable risks of trial. Sometimes a case is lost. By taking a lawsuit loan you sell part of your litigation risk to the lawsuit funding company because you get paid now. This is hedging the risks of your case by taking a no risk lawsuit loan that will give you a portion of the value of your case now that you keep regardless of the case outcome.

And, lawsuit loans allow plaintiffs greater access to courts and an equal playing field against deep pocket defendants. If you have a pending lawsuit you can wait it out while your lawyer works to get you the full value of your case, rather than being forced into a fast settlement. A lawsuit loan allows you and your lawyer to get the best settlement possible because the defendant cannot force you into an early settlement for less.

These are all factors to consider when thinking about whether a lawsuit loan is right for you. The next question is how does a lawsuit loan work.

II. How Does a Lawsuit Loan Work?

The way a law suit loan works is simple, and it provide risk free money to you from your case now rather waiting years to the end of your case. Lawsuit funding companies, like Lance Lawsuit Funding,” considers your lawsuit as a personal asset. Lance Lawsuit Funding will look at your case and approve your application based on the likelihood of a future favorable settlement. Lance will provide you with a non recourse, risk-free loan based on their evaluation of your case. Lance takes all the risk because if there is no settlement in your favor, then you keep the money and do not repay the lawsuit loan.

The application for a Lance lawsuit loan.

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First, you simply call or email Lance with your lawsuit loan funding request. You can do this by going to their website at “ and submit the online contact form or call them. Lance’s team will ask a couple questions, like what kind of lawsuit do you have and the name of your lawyer. Then, Lance takes it from there. They will contact your lawyer to request documentation of your pending lawsuit. As soon as the documents are provided, Lance will evaluate your case and, if approved, you will get your lawsuit loan usually within 48 hours. The money may either be wired directly into your checking account or overnight check to your address.

III. Which Lawsuit Loan Company is Right For Me?

There are many kinds of lawsuit loan companies. In fact, many lawsuit loan companies are not lawsuit loan companies, but rather brokers who charge you a fee to place you with an actual lawsuit funding company. So your first question is whether the company you are considering applying to for a lawsuit loan is an actual lawsuit funding company that has the money to loan you, or is it a broker who is going to charge you a fee to place you with a funder. These broker fees mark up the cost of your lawsuit loan.

Lance Lawsuit Funding, LLC, is a not a broker, but rather a lawsuit loan company with its own resources to pay directly to plaintiffs. This means that Lance can give you an immediate answer on your application without shopping your application around to anyone else. The decision whether to fund your case is made immediately.

Lance Lawsuit Funding, LLC, was founded by a trial lawyer who fought for plaintiffs for over 35 years. He saw the need to assist plaintiffs with loans during their lengthy court process to help them pay bills. Lance was born for the purpose to help plaintiffs through their court experience by providing lawsuit money when they need it. In facts, many lawsuit funding brokers actually contact Lance to fund their clients’ lawsuit loans.

Once you know you are dealing with a genuine lawsuit funding company, like Lance Lawsuit Funding, LLC, your next question should be: Is this lawsuit funder a fit for me? Does the lawsuit funder provide risk free loans for my type of case? Will the lawsuit funding company provide me second loan if necessary? For example, some lawsuit funders work only with commercial plaintiffs who seek hundreds of millions of dollars for class action cases or environmental type cases. If you have a personal injury or medical malpractice practice case, then those companies are not right for you. Many funding companies have their own niche funding and will avoid riskier cases like medical malpractice cases.

Lance Lawsuit Funding, LLC, provides risk free, non-recourse loans to plaintiffs with pending personal injury cases who are represented by lawyers. Lance’s funding niche is medical malpractice and product liability cases. In fact, Lance Lawsuit Funding, LLC, is a national lawsuit funder who has provided lawsuit loans to plaintiffs with meritorious medical malpractice cases, wrongful death case and physician error cases around the country. In the past five years, Lance has provided lawsuit loans to plaintiffs throughout the states of New York, California, Texas, Georgia, Florida and Washington.

Lance’s niche is assisting plaintiffs who have medical malpractice cases, product liability cases and negligence cases. For further information visit visit the website or call us (201)266-6871.




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