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Lawsuit Funding Process

“We invest in your success & peace of mind because when you win, we win.”

APPLY, REVIEW, APPROVED. Just give us a call. Lance will ask you about your case and the name of your lawyer. We will contact your lawyer to get documentation to evaluate your case. If your case meets our funding criteria, you are approved. The money can be wired to you the same day. No monthly payments, No credit check or employment check. We will approve your funding request based on your case.

Lance the Risk Taker & Equalizer. Lance provides non-recourse loans. This means that we invest in your case and win only when you win, or you keep the money. We take the risk. This allows you and your lawyer to hold out for the full value of your case – and pay medical bills, or other un-expected life needs.

We’ll Provide the Money Now – in three fast steps.

  Just One Phone Call


The first step is to call or email us with your request. How much money are you requesting?

What is your attorney’s contact information?” (Please be sure to let your attorney know that you are requesting a legal funding advance.)

 Fast Turnaround


We will take it from there.

Lance will contact your attorney for a few case documents and briefly speak with your attorney.

 Cash Disbursed

After your funding request is approved, we will contact you to let you know how much money you have been approved for. We will then prepare a funding agreement that both you and your attorney will need to sign. Once we complete the funding agreement the funds will be disbursed to you. The funding agreement provides that Lance will be repaid directly from the settlement proceeds by your lawyer at the time of settlement. We take all the risk. If there is no settlement then you owe nothing.

As your case continues, if you find that you need more money than you originally received, Lance can provide additional advances. The process is faster the second time around since most of the administrative work has already been completed.

Funding Options

The sooner you contact us the more options we can offer you. Our team evaluates the potential value of your case and will fund you a percentage of that value. If you already have a funding, we may do a second funding as well.

We have experienced team members who will talk a little with you about your case. We have many options for providing non-recourse loans.

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