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The Litigation Arena Takes Time & Money. Lawyers need a Capital Partner Not a Bank.


Trial law and litigation is expensive and defendants have a financial advantage. Plaintiffs carry the burden of financing the case. Lance partners up with lawyers to provide the financing needed to level the playing field. We work with contigenent fee plaintiff lawyers to provide funding for either a single case or a portfolio of cases in your office.

Our team has decades of trial experience. We are trial lawyers and investors who are aligned with your interest in winning. Drawing on our decades of experience, we have can offer fair and transparent funding structures. 

Single Case & Portfolio Transactions

Our resources allow us to make timely funding commitments to our clients. Plaintiff contigent-fee lawyers know it is all about risk-taking and your clients’ success. So we offer hedging solutions for law firms, both single cases as well as portfolios.

  • Business Contract Disputes
  • Partnership & Corporate Disputes
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Fraud & Fiduciary Breach
Restrictive Covenants
Trade Secret

Lance Capital Group LLC typically invests in meritorious personal injury and business cases. Sometimes we consider providing litigation financing for potential landmark cases in the interest of social justice.

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