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We Are Risk Takers.

Lance Lawsuit Funding, LLC is a leader in providing non-recourse loans to plaintiffs with pending medical malpractice claims and who are represented by an attorney. Lance specializes in medical malpractice lawsuit loans because we understand the risk.

Many lawsuit funding companies either do not provide loans to plaintiffs with medical malpractice cases or will not give them the money they need because medical malpractice cases are considered too risky. Just ask our client Abby. Her testimonial is on our home page. There is no need to search further because Lance will get you the money you need when you need it.

We are risk-takers and pioneers in funding plaintiffs’ medical malpractice claims nationwide. While most funding companies avoid plaintiffs’ medical malpractice claims because they are considered too risky, Lance allocated 50% of its funding to plaintiffs with filed lawsuits against physicians, hospitals and health care facilities.

Lance has an experienced team in medical malpractice, physician error and health care negligence who are ready to discuss funding options for you.

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