Our Criteria

We Monetize the Expectation of Success.


Lance Lawsuit Funding monetizes the likelihood of a favorable settlement and invests in it. We take all the risk because if there is no favorable settlement the loan is not repaid.

We invest in a wide varity of claims that include personal injury cases, medical malpractice and product liability cases. We also invest in business claims, i.e. breach of contracts, partnerships disputes, breach of restrictive covenants to name a few.

Our criteria is that the claim needs to have merit and the defendant has the means to pay the settlement. We also work with contigent-fee attorneys who have skin in the game. Here is a general idea of Lance’s investment criteria regarding claims and lawsuits.

Lance Capital Group

We work with plaintiff contigent-fee based lawyers to finance personal injury and business claims.

Lance Capital Group

The strength of the claim and likelihood of success is considered by our team.

Lance Capital Group

We invest in all stages of business disputes and personal injury claims, from the beginning, through trial, appeal and collection.

Lance Capital Group

Lance invests in cases that are venued in the United States.

Lance Capital Group

The cases should have sufficient value to provide an appropriate return on the investment. Usually we invest in cases with a value greater than $250,000.00 up to multi-million dollar cases.

Lance Capital Group

The defendants must have the capability to pay the settlement through their resources or insurance.

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