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Single Case or Portfolio Based Lawsuit Loans

What Is A Single or Portfolio Lawsuit Loan?

Trial law and litigation is expensive and defendants have a financial advantage. Plaintiffs carry the burden of financing the case. Lance partners up with lawyers to provide the financing needed to level the playing field. We work with contigenent fee plaintiff lawyers to provide funding for either a single case or a portfolio of cases in your office.

This means that Lance will invest in either a single case or a portfolio of cases in your office. 

This allows you to use our money rather than draining and risking your own personal assets. Importantly, it also equals the playing field and give you the money you need to fight for your clients, retain the best expert witnesses and win the best settlement possible.

We Win Only If You Win.

 Lance is a passive investor in your case. We leave all decisions to you and your client about the case. We are risk takers because we will provide you with the money you need now to finance that special case. If you do not win a favorable settlement or jury verdict then you do not repay the loan.

A Hedge Against Risk.

Our investment into your case allows you to hedge against the unknown litigation risks of going to trial. You and/or your client can get money now based on our evaluation of your case and the likelihood of a favorable settlement.

Why Risk You Money When You Can Use Ours?

Lance will provide you with a lawsuit loan of many types of cases. The best part is it is risk free, non recourse loan which means we take all the risk.

To discuss case funding or lawsuit loan options call us now.

Our team is among the most respected in the legal, medical malpractice and financial lawsuit industry. Lance was founded by a prominent national plaintiff’s trial lawyer who fought for plaintiffs for over 35 years. We know the strategies and financing of litigation funding, pre-settlement loans and non-recourse loans so that it makes sense.”

Lance Capital Group

Single Case & Portfolio Transactions

Our resources allow us to make timely funding commitments to our clients. Plaintiff contigent-fee lawyers know it is all about risk-taking and your clients’ success. So we offer hedging solutions for law firms, both single cases as well as portfolios.

  • Fraud & Fiduciary Breach
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Trade Secret

Lance Capital Group LLC typically invests in meritorious personal injury and business cases. Sometimes we consider providing litigation financing for potential landmark cases in the interest of social justice.

Lance Capital Group

We work with plaintiff contigent-fee based lawyers to finance personal injury and business claims.

Lance Capital Group

The strength of the claim and likelihood of success is considered by our team.

Lance Capital Group

We invest in all stages of business disputes and personal injury claims, from the beginning, through trial, appeal and collection.

Lance Capital Group

Lance invests in cases that are venued in the United States.

Lance Capital Group

The cases should have sufficient value to provide an appropriate return on the investment. Usually we invest in cases with a value greater than $250,000.00 up to multi-million dollar cases.

Lance Capital Group

The defendants must have the capability to pay the settlement through their resources or insurance.

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