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The History Of Lawsuit Loans & Lance Lawsuit Funding, LLC

Lance Lawsuit Funding, LLC, was founded by George T. Baxter, Esq., a trial lawyer who for over 35 years fought for plaintiffs' rights. George  won the only jury verdict in history for plaintiffs against the American blood industry for distributing AIDS contaminated blood products to hospitals and patients in the early 1980's. He was nominated Trial Lawyer of the Year. As a trial lawyer, George saw the financial hardship that his clients endured with how the slow the wheels of justice turn.

One example of the early need for lawsuit loans was George's client, Janet M. Her physician misdiagnosed her and ordered unnecessary blood transfusions that were contaminated with the AIDS virus. Janet became terminally ill with only s short time to live. Her final wish was to know that her infant children were financially provided for before she passed. The case took two years and she passed away. But before she passed away George got Janet a favorable settlement for her family.

However, the idea of lawsuit funding was born from this kind of case. When a plaintiffs needs money now and cannot wait for the slow wheels of justice to resolve their cases. So George founded Lance Lawsuit Funding, LLC for the social purpose to help people during these challenging times in life.

Lance continues to be a pioneer in lawsuit loans for plaintiffs. We can get you the money you need when you need it. There is no unnecessary waiting, credit or employment checks. We evaluate the likelihood of a favorable settlement and invest in it. The money is risk free for you because unless you win a favorable settlement you do not repay the money. You keeop it. Lance continues to be at the cutting edge of new products and lawsuit loan options for plaintiffs.

When you win a settlement, then Lance is repaid from the settlement. We monetize the expectation of your favorable settlement as your personal asset and invest in it.

Lance has a team of litigation, medical and business experts ready to discuss your case and loan options. We are here to help you with the lowest fees and highest loans based on the value of your case.

In most cases we can give you an immediate decision because we have the resources to back us us.



Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Loans

”I am currently going through a very serious medical malpractice lawsuit. When the incident happened I was 24 and just gave birth to my daughter. I had 4 surgeries by the time she was 4 months old. Resulting in the need for a hysterectomy. I was later told the surgeries that caused the need for a hysterectomy were unnecessary to begin with and we’re done too vigorously. Almost 3 years later I am still in pain management for severe abdominal pain. I can never have kids again. And the strain this put on my marriage and finances has almost destroyed both. I heard about lawsuit loans and called many many places trying to find the help I needed so I could take a break from work, get some needed rest and medical attention – I pushed myself too hard to support my family since my husband was unemployed. Nobody was willing to work with me or give me the amount I needed since it’s a medical malpractice case and they aren’t usually very solid cases. When I found lance lawsuit fundingl, not only did they give me the amount I needed, but they got it to me immediately. Any time of day or night if I called or emailed he responded within minutes. And even gave me a smaller second loan later when I had another emergency. No questions asked. Within days I had money directly in my bank account. I would recommend lance capital to any friends or family or anyone who is considering a lawsuit loan. They will get you what you need when you need it.”

Jemima B.

Jemima B.

Premises Liability


​"I had a serious accident when I slipped and fell on a hazardous floor at the supermarket. I was knocked unconscious and suffered debilitating back injuries that change my life that day. My plans for opening a house for handicapped children were placed on hold and I loss time from work. The financial strain became unbearable for my family and me. I heard about lawsuit funding and gave them a call. It was just as they describe it on their website. The process of getting approved for a cash funding was easy. They asked me a little about my case and who was my lawyer. Then, they called my lawyer. Next thing I got the phone call that I was approved for the full amount requested. I recommend Lance Lawsuit Funding to anyone looking for case funding. Thank you Lance Case Funding for everything you have done for us. What you have done for my family and me is priceless."

Salvador H.

Salvador H.

Product Liability Lawsuit Loan

"Lance was there for me and my family after my arm was crushed in a work accident. They gave me the money I needed to pay the rent and bills until my case settled."

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